What our customers say about us


Having had two SunPods over the past three years, I’m not just an ardent fan of the product, but a true believer in a future where people will return to growing their own food (at least when and where practical). SunPod answers this need ingeniously, with simplicity, perception, and beauty.

Gary McAvoy

Co-author with Dr. Jane Goodall: Harvest for Hope (Warner Books, 2005)


SunPod has changed how I garden. I've reclaimed unusable ground (SunPod protect my plants from under my Cedar trees), started my food crops earlier, and grown them later into the season. I even winter my herbs and strawberry plants under SunPods. I literally use them all year long.

David L., Vancouver B.C.


"With its natural and striking appearance, the SunPod greenhouse is the feature of our backyard organic garden."


"Our SunPod greenhouse is not only beautiful, but is also expertly designed and crafted for impressive functionality."


"The first thing anyone says when they see our garden is, 'wow, that's a beautiful greenhouse!'"


Ryan from Vancouver B.C.



We purchased a SunPod greenhouse for Jennifer's 60th birthday to allow her green thumb to literally glow in the summer and keep working all year round.


The SunPod will not only add immeasurable benefit to our gardening and our table, it is a work of art and a centre piece of a new gardening area.




Jennifer and John


Nanoose Bay