SunPod Garden Covers

Protect your crops with elegant sturdy SunPod Garden Covers.

SunPod Garden Covers are our most economical products. They are made to last many garden seasons and hold their shape well for a clean attractive line in the garden. 


SunPod Garden Covers:


Protect your crops from wind and weather and mildew/mold


Protect your crops from Deer and Domestic animals, Racoons


Are covered in plastic with netted ends for ventilation


Plants thrive under the plastic cover as they like the diffused light


Roll to open, or hinge to raised bed for easy access


Provide added warmth for heat loving crops which increases production


Can be combined with a raised bed kit for added growing height


3 Sizes available:  ( Width x Length x Height )


Small  52 1/4" x 30" x 46"     $599


Medium 52 1/4" x 5'-6" x 46"   $699


Large 52 1/4" x 8' x 46"   $799






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