SunPod Bud Covers



SunPod Bud Covers:


Growing cannabis outdoors is made easier, safer and enjoyable with the new SunPod Bud covers.  They are out of sight and will protect your bud from the elements and animals, while ensuring success and high crop yeilds.  You can plan and design your cannabis crop around your home, whether on a rooftop, balcony, patio or backyard with our three styles of growing options. 




Mary Jane                     52 1/4" x 30" x 46"                  $599.00

          Balcony Product

Serenity                         52 1/4" x 66" x 46"                  $699.00


Lotus                              52 1/4" x 96" x 46 "                 $799.00



Outdoor Cannabis Growing

Get the most value out of your SunPod Bud Cover by grow crops in succession. Leafy veggies in spring, cannabis in summer and fall crops through the winter.

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