About Us

After gardening in the Pacific Northwest for a few seasons it became clear that we needed to extend our season by growing under cover. A protective cover is what gardeners covet most because of higher yields, an extended season and more possibility of plant choices. We found that other mini greenhouses in the marketplace were made from steel pipe, aluminum tubing or plastic, were not multifunctional, and were designed in such a way that either wasn’t functional or more often disposable ( bound for the landfill ), looked ugly in the garden, and were not easy to move, use or access.

We have tested and re-tested our greenhouses and mini greenhouses and are more than satisfied with our resulting garden success and abundant harvest. Vegetables that were started under our garden covers were sweeter, more tender, uniform and there was less loss due to bad weather, insect attack and animal invasion. The cut flowers that were started under our greenhouse kits have stronger stems and bloomed earlier than those grown outside, which resulted in healthier flowers that lasted longer in the vase. The strawberries were well protected from interested birds and animals under the Sunpod strawberry cage, and they were delicious and easy to care for and harvest.


Growing even some of your own food is an intensely rewarding and connecting experience, and one you can share with family and friends. Realize the excellent health benefits of harvesting your own greens, vegetables and berries and the sure knowledge that you are taking positive steps towards your future health and that of your family. Supermarket varieties are bred for their ability to travel and remain unblemished and uniform, but they are generally not as tasty and nutritious as older heritage varieties and the fruits and veggies fresh from your own garden.