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  We offer a full range of greenhouses, mini greenhouses and garden products that are designed for Garden Success.  SunPod greenhouses and mini greenhouses are designed to create an ideal growing environment by allowing just the right amount of ventilation and air flow at the right time.  This is achieved by using auto-vents attached to windows (even in our smallest SunPods), which are naturally effected by temperature change and move the windows open or closed without the need for electricity.


  SunPod greenhouses are made in Vancouver, BC, Canada, by local people, from locally sourced western red cedar and are designed to last many garden seasons.  SunPod greenhouses are also designed for beauty and strength and the geometrically strong arch matched with the lustre of the wood creates just the right result.  


  SunPod greenhouses and mini greenhouses are an excellent choice for all garden locations; Rooftops, Patios, Decks, Backyards, Hobby farms and Mini Farms.  Our mini greenhouses are the ultimate in Container gardening accessories, as they are beautiful to live close to in small spaces and they allow more gardening possibilities such as starting your own seeds and nurturing the plants you bring home from nurseries, all in a small well-designed footprint.  SunPod greenhouses and mini greenhouses help you have great success in growing gourmet quality vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit wherever you garden!


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   SunPod Garden Consulting = Garden Success

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